Kickstart and your business

ManpowerGroup can help you access the government’s Kickstart scheme to provide valuable paid work placements for young unemployed people.  You provide the work placement, the young person gains valuable experience and skills.

ManpowerGroup can help you as both a Gateway and a Gateway Plus organisation.

What is the Kickstart scheme?

  • Government-funded 6-month paid work experience programme
  • Funded 25 hours/week at National Minimum Wage plus pension contribution and Employer NI
  • DWP provides young unemployed people aged 16-24
  • Each placement must be backed with employability training and support
  • Employers free to take on as many young people as they like – suggested ratio of three employees for each young person
  • All placements must be additional new jobs
  • An employer grant of £1,500 to cover eligible costs such as training and support

Why choose ManpowerGroup as your Kickstart partner?

  1. Making it easy: We take on the administrative burden for you. We remove the hassle of applying for the programme and we manage the finances making the process as seamless as possible. There is no cost to you when we are the Gateway as we receive funding from government for this
  2. Expertise: We understand the rules and what makes a Kickstart programme successful. We work closely with DWP so you benefit from our insight with your application
  3. The right solution for you: as a Gateway we manage the application process for you. We can also employ the young person as a Gateway Plus organisation – we manage the administration, provide the employability training, payroll and HR administration
  4. Support and training: our wrap-around employability programme includes job searching advice, interviews, monthly coaching sessions

Why should you support Kickstart?

Access young people:  easy access to young people in your area who bring skills and insight to your business

Identify future talent:  a great way to find talent for your apprenticeship or training scheme

Make a difference:  help young people get a helping hand into the world of work addressing unemployment

Ready to start your application?

Please note we can only support employers who can take on at least three young people.

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