Date: 24th February 2023

Manpower Holdings (UK) Limited (‘MHUK’) is a private company limited by shares and incorporated in England and Wales under the Companies Act.  MHUK is a wholly owned subsidiary of ManpowerGroup Inc (‘MGI’) whose principal place of business is at 100 Manpower Place, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212 USA.

The tax strategy applies to MHUK and its directly and indirectly owned UK subsidiaries, together with MGI’s other UK group undertakings not owned by MHUK, in accordance with paragraph 19 of Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016.  A full list of all the entities to which the tax strategy applies is set out in Appendix 1.  In the tax strategy, references to MHUK include all of the entities listed in Appendix 1 where appropriate.  MHUK regards this publication as complying with the duty under paragraph 19(2) to the Finance Act 2016.  The tax strategy applies from the date of publication until it is superseded.  Reference to “UK taxation” is to the taxes and duties set out in paragraph 15(1) to the Finance Act 2016.

Commitment to compliance

MHUK is committed to full compliance with all tax law and practice in the UK.  Compliance for MHUK envisages paying the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time, together with making full disclosure to the tax authorities of relevant facts and circumstances.

Risk management and governance arrangements in relation to UK taxation

  • Day to day responsibility for UK taxation including the filing of returns and remittance of tax resides with the respective Senior Accounting Officers of the UK companies and their finance teams.
  • Ultimate responsibility for the tax strategy and management of the tax risks resides with the respective boards of directors in conjunction with MGI’s Global Tax department.
  • Key risks and issues related to UK taxation are subject to regular discussion with MGI’s Global Tax Department as part of their Sarbanes-Oxley compliance process.
  • MHUK seeks professional advice wherever necessary to augment in-house resources.
  • MHUK reviews its tax compliance processes and procedures on an ongoing basis.
  • The tax strategy has been approved by MGI’s Global Tax department.

Attitude towards tax planning and level of risk in relation to UK taxation

  • MHUK is classified as low risk under HMRC’s risk assessment processes and seeks to maintain this status by adopting a conservative approach to its tax affairs.
  • MHUK manages risks to ensure compliance with legal requirements and in such a manner as to ensure the payment of the right amount of tax.
  • Tax planning by MHUK will have commercial and economic substance, be conducted on an arms-length basis and have regard for MHUK’s reputation and its wider corporate responsibilities.

Approach of the group towards its dealings with HMRC

  • MHUK seeks to have a proactive, transparent and constructive relationship with HMRC through regular communication and, where appropriate, meetings.
  • MHUK endeavours to ensure that HMRC is made aware of significant transactions affecting the business and any associated tax issues arising therefrom at an early juncture.
  • MHUK is committed to filing all of its tax returns in a timely fashion and to disclose the relevant facts and identify issues where there is concern the tax treatment may be uncertain.

List of entities covered by the tax strategy

  •  Manpower Holdings (UK) Limited
  • Manpowergroup Scotland LLP
  • Manpowergroup Scot LP
  • 777 Recruitment Limited
  • Bafin Holdings
  • Brook Street Bureau Limited
  • Brook Street (UK) Limited
  • BS Project Services Limited
  • Comsys VMS Limited
  • Experis Finance Limited
  • Experis Group Limited
  • Experis Limited
  • Experis Resource Support Services Limited
  • Jefferson Wells Limited
  • Juice Resource Solutions Limited
  • Manpower IT Services Limited
  • Manpower Nominees Limited
  • ManpowerGroup UK Limited
  • Manpower Services Limited
  • Manpower UK Limited
  • ManpowerGroup Digital Holdings Ltd
  • Nicholas Andrews Limited
  • People Source Consulting Limited
  • People Source Limited
  • Right Management Limited
  • RMC EMEA Limited
  • SJB Corporate Limited
  • SJB Services (UK) Limited
  • The Empower Group Limited
  • Volaris Exec Recruitment Limited