Four forces are driving changes in workforces around the world: demographics and talent management, technological revolutions, individual choice, and client sophistication. In an increasingly volatile and shifting world, business leaders need to re-examine how they leverage talent within their organisations.

At ManpowerGroup, we’ve identified this new era as the Human Age, where the ability to unleash human potential is the key to business growth.

We invite you to view the videos below to learn how the Human Age forces are compelling organisations to be more agile and readdress business processes:

In the Human Age, employers need to rethink how they access talent; reimagine their people practises; and redesign how they construct work.

The ManpowerGroup UK newspaper helps employers to do exactly that. Published annually, it keeps employers up-to-date with current workforce trends, the latest initiatives ManpowerGroup are involved in, and how we’re helping our clients address the complex challenges they face in today’s world of work:

The Human Age –
Fourteenth Edition
Summer 2023

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed a dynamic shift in the economic landscape, from a post-pandemic boom, to talks of a recession, to a gradual reduction in demand. However, amidst these fluctuations, one constant remains: strong hiring intentions. In our latest edition of the Human Age, we delve into the labour market trends that contribute to The Future Forces of Work. We discuss strategies to drive positive change and overcome the challenges presented.

The Human Age –
Thirteenth Edition
Summer 2022

2022 has the potential to be one of the most transformative years in recent history. As we enter the post-pandemic reality, companies are realising they need to do more to attract and retain skilled, diverse workers and people in turn are looking for more from their employers to thrive at work. In our latest edition of the Human Age newspaper, we explore all the labour market trends contributing to what we are calling the ‘Great Realisation’, as well as some of our own initiatives and solutions for tackling the challenges of today’s world of work.

The Human Age – Twelfth Edition
Summer 2021

Despite the impact of the pandemic on unemployment, the labour market has roared back to life, and there are already signs of the sector tightening as in the start of 2020. Organisations have increasingly specific skills’ needs as transformation accelerates, and challenges that existed pre-2020 still remain as competition returns and demand for workers outstrips supply.

The Human Age – Eleventh Edition
Summer/Autumn 2020

We explore the impact of COVID-19 on the world of work. The global economy has been shocked by the pandemic, and employment will be one of the building blocks to recovery. This edition focuses on the 4B model – Build, Buy, Borrow and Bridge – to overcoming workforce challenges of the current environment. It also highlights charitable partnerships working to open doors for young people in the workplace.

The Human Age – Tenth Edition
Spring 2019

We explore the impact of uncertainty on the future of work. Change is evident in so many aspects of today’s labour market. This edition examines how organisations can augment technology with human skills; create a workforce culture of innovation; and reimagine skills development for the digital age.

The Human Age - Tenth Edition

The Human Age – Ninth Edition
Autumn 2018

We explore the impact of talent shortages on the world of work. We also examine the need for more sophisticated talent analytics, the impact of digitisation on workforces, and how our ground-breaking training academy will help organisations prepare for industry 4.0.

The Human Age – Eighth Edition
Spring 2018

Find out more about the impact of digital transformation on the future of work, see how we’re supporting Sky on their journey to Total Talent Management, and learn more about apprenticeship End Point Assessments.

The Human Age – Eighth Edition

The Human Age – Seventh Edition
Autumn 2017

We outline how we’re contributing to society through sustainable employment and enhancing NHS apprenticeship recruitment, plus we explore the reality of the journey to Total Talent Management.

The Human Age - Seventh Edition

The Human Age – Sixth edition
Spring 2017

We examine the impact of digitisation on the future workforce, the benefits of a Total Talent Management approach, and emerging talent attraction opportunities.

The Human Age - Sixth edition

The Human Age – Fifth edition
Summer 2016

Attract and inspire Millennials, accelerate gender parity, and find out how we’re partnering with Sky to enhance their MSP and RPO solutions.

The Human Age – Fifth edition

The Human Age – Fourth edition
Winter 2016

Future proof the workforce, accelerate women into leadership, and find out how we’re enhancing Thomson Reuters’ talent acquisition strategy.

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The Human Age – Fourth edition

The Human Age – Third edition
Summer 2015

Enhance your candidate experience to strengthen your EVP, find out how constant innovation drives global MSP for Microsoft, and see how we’re powering young jobseekers into work.

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The Human Age – Third edition

The Human Age – Second edition
Winter 2015

Unleash high potential talent, find out more about the changing role of apprenticeships, and learn about online candidate engagement preferences.

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The Human Age – Second edition

The Human Age – First edition
Summer 2014

Solve the challenge of talent shortages, address gender diversity in the workplace, and harness social and mobile technologies to attract and retain talent.

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The Human Age – First edition

We’re constantly monitoring how the four Human Age forces are impacting on the world of work, so we can advise employers on how best to react. We share some of our most recent insights: