MyPath is a free-to-enter development programme that enables our high-potential associates to access jobs and grow in in-demand careers, by providing them upskilling opportunities, personalised guidance and support so that they can achieve their career goals.

How does it work?

Enrol into MyPath
MyPath is a learning and development programme designed for people to earn and learn. You can enrol and study alongside an existing job / role / placement.

Connect with your Talent Agent
Every successful MyPath applicant receives their own dedicated Talent Agent. Receive guidance, career development through educational opportunities, training, coaching and more.

Access your next dream job
We’re continuously connected to the latest and most relevant roles. Your Talent Agent will share the positions best suited to your learning and development – all to progress your career.

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Our Manpower Academies

Under the umbrella of our MyPath programme, we have created a series of academies, helping our clients find sustainable solutions to access in-demand talent in specific sectors, and offering candidates the opportunity to launch a successful career in high-growth industries. We offer three academies: the Driver Academy (including the Women in Driving Pathway), the Customer Service Academy and the Freight Development Pathway. Read more about each one below:

The MyPath programme underpins our mission of “doing well by doing good”, through helping people find sustainable work. It fulfils the purpose that we were founded on from the very beginning:

We have a mission to improve the skills of people wherever they may be, in whatever part of the world they live. We have a mission to talk to people, to consult with them, advise them and help them get the skills they need to get a job. Our company can be a tremendous instrument for good if in some way we can help make people employable.


Elmer Winter, Founder, Manpower.