Talent to power your business, when and where you need it

From recruiting a single administrator as last-minute cover, to finding 50 customer service advisors to staff your new contact centre.

When your business is faced with seasonal highs and lows, or engages in special initiatives, our recruitment process means you can enhance your business agility, productivity and competitiveness – while reducing your hiring timeline and costs.

With an extensive talent pool of registered, pre-screened candidates at our fingertips, we have direct access to skilled individuals who can step in and contribute to your business at a moment’s notice. However, we’re more than aware that the skills required in today’s world of work are changing faster than ever. That’s why we’re keeping these candidates ahead of the curve, by giving them access to over 4,000 courses on our proprietary training and development centre, allowing them to continually hone their skills.

And when it comes to Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), you can be sure that we’ll review, monitor and audit a robust recruitment solution that’s not only compliant, but also commercially effective.

  • NHS As sole supplier to the NHS Property Services Manchester (previously known as Primary Care Trust), Manpower achieved 100% fulfilment across all 50 sites, reduced attrition to less than 5%, and reduced time spent handling invoices by hiring managers from three days a month, to a few hours.