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Gen Z Are Here to Work – But They Want A Fair Deal, And It’s Clear Why

11 June 2024

The latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey reveals a nuanced UK hiring landscape for Q3, with positive-yet-cautious hiring intent evident amongst the Survey’s 2,100 respondents. Despite a three-percentage point decrease, quarter-on-quarter (QoQ), the UK’s Net Employment Outlook remains at a healthy +20%. This places the UK +3% above the Q3 EMEA regional Outlook of 19%, but behind the global Outlook of +22%.

New Q2 2024 Manpowergroup Employment Outlook Survey: UK Shows Chess-Like Hiring Tactics Amidst Economic Flux

12 March 2024

The latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey indicates UK employers are applying calculated, chess-like hiring tactics to their recruitment plans for the coming quarter (April – June 2024), as backfilling roles and economic caution lead some to maintain a defensive stance, while others are going on the offensive and creating new positions in anticipation of future growth.

ManpowerGroup UK Announces Leadership Transition

15 January 2024

ManpowerGroup today announced the appointment of Michael Stull as Country Manager of ManpowerGroup UK, effective immediately. Stull will take on leadership responsibilities and drive innovation for the business, including its industry-leading brands, Manpower, Experis, Talent Solutions, and Brook Street.

New Skills-Based Approach to Hiring Needed In 2024, Advises Manpowergroup UK

12 December 2023

Data from the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey of UK hiring managers indicates that cross-sector skills gaps have reached a record 18-year high of 80% nationally.

UK Employers Playing Talent Tetris to Plug Skills Gaps – It’s Time to Move Faster

12 September 2023

UK employers indicate hiring confidence remains positive for every sector in the fourth quarter 2023, with a slight decrease of two percentage-points since last quarter to +27%.

Employer Mood Buoyant Amidst Talent Tug of War

13 June 2023

Employer hiring confidence has grown in almost every sector, rising by eight percentage-points to +29% since last quarter.

Employers Trying to Hire, But Workers Want a Better Offer

14 March 2023

UK employers report a buoyant labour market with the Net Employment Outlook rising to +21%, up two percentage-points since last quarter and down ten percentage-points on Q2 2022.

UK Employers Determined To Keep Hiring In Battle To Retain Talent

5 January 2023

In the context of high inflation and an economic downturn, UK employers have signalled they are determined to keep hiring in the New Year with the Net Employment Outlook remaining positive at +19% for Q1 2023.

Hundreds Of Skills Bootcamps Trainees Have Completed HGV Driver Training

24 October 2022

New data from the Driver Academy Group, the consortium leading the way with the Government-funded HGV Skills Bootcamp, shows that nearly 30% of trainees are well on their way to completing their training. Almost 600 drivers have either passed their practical test and got their HGV licence or are about to take the test. This out of almost 1,950 drivers on the Driver Academy Group scheme.

Fight for Talent Begins New Chapter as Workers Resist Calls to Return to the Office

13 September 2022

The UK Net Employment Outlook has fallen to +25% for Q4, a decline of eight percentage-points on Q3, and a decrease of six percentage-points year-on-year according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS). Whilst hiring confidence remains positive across all sectors, new candidates are faced with less bargaining power as employers prioritise retaining their existing workforce.

UN Women, ManpowerGroup and Street Art for Mankind Partner to Raise Awareness for Gender Equality with Giant London Street Art Mural

26 July 2022

Beginning on 21st July, street artist Alice Pasquini is painting a giant #GenerationEqualityMural on Leather Lane EC1, home to the famous street market that brings together diverse cultures and backgrounds. The Mural marks the first year of implementation of the Generation Equality Plan, which, amongst other things, calls for equality for women in pay, an end to violence against women and girls, and health-care services that respond to their needs, which was launched during the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City and Paris last year.

ManpowerGroup Wins Prestigious Ministry of Defence Gold Employer Recognition Award for Second Time

13 July 2022

ManpowerGroup has been recognised by the UK Government for its outstanding support towards the Armed Forces community. For the second time, the organisation has been named a Gold Award winner in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, run by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The award is the highest badge of honour for businesses that employ and support those who serve, veterans and their families.

UK Employment Outlook Triples In 12 Months

19 May 2022
Employers in the UK have ambitious plans to increase headcount at a record rate in the third quarter of 2022. Businesses are aggressively recruiting following the pandemic, yet still struggling to fill vacancies. The national Outlook has reached an all-time high of +35% – a 22-percentage point increase compared to Q3 2021.

Employers Face Spring Hiring Headache

22 March 2022
The hiring spree following the lifting of COVID restrictions shows little sign of easing off this Spring adding to increased employer concern about finding talent, according to the Q2 2022 ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS).

Workforce in Driving Seat as Jobs Market Accelerates to 30-Year High

14 December 2021
UK hiring intentions hit a thirty-year high as employers struggle to fill vacancies finds the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. A result of Brexit reducing the applicant pool and the knock-on effect of the Great Resignation. What’s more, many industries are thriving and simply cannot keep up with the staffing needs to meet the pace of their expansion.

Manpower Part of Consortium Chosen to Lead Government Scheme Providing Fully Funded Training for HGV Drivers

13 December 2021
The Driver Academy Group, a consortium comprising workforce solutions group Manpower, HGV training specialist HGVC, and trade body Logistics UK, has won the lead role on a Government scheme to train and place 11,000 HGV drivers across England. The Group was formed to offer support in the upskilling and supply of candidates to a sector facing a shortfall of nearly 100,000 drivers.

UK Businesses Attempt to Incentivise Recruits With Training Over Wage Increase

28 October 2021
As employers face an ongoing battle to fill roles, ManpowerGroup has revealed that almost half of UK businesses look to training and mentoring as a hiring incentive, over increasing wages. This comes as 77% of employers struggle to recruit due to a lack of skilled talent, according to ManpowerGroup’s recent data.

UK Hiring in Best Ever Health After Jabs Boost

14 September 2021
Employers in the UK have ambitious plans to increase their headcount at a record rate as they enter the fourth quarter. As London powers ahead of other regions, the national Outlook is at an all-time high of +32%, a 39-point increase compared to Q4 2020 as the UK adapts to life post-lockdown. Similarly, all sectors have swung back from negative Outlooks in 2020 to record highs for this coming quarter.

Biggest Bounce in UK Jobs Outlook In 20 Years

8 June 2021
Easing lockdown restrictions have resulted in a dramatic increase in UK employers hiring intentions. The national Outlook is +8%, a six-year high and a 13-point increase quarter on quarter, the strongest growth of any European country bar Ireland. Sectors like Retail and Hospitality, and Finance and Business Services, have all seen double digit increases and lead this resurgence in the UK employment market. The boom in hiring means the UK now faces an acute talent shortage that could hinder its post COVID recovery.

ManpowerGroup and The Prince’s Trust Join Forces to Support Thousands of Young People Into Kickstart Scheme

28 April 2021
ManpowerGroup and leading youth charity The Prince’s Trust have partnered to help place thousands of young people into Kickstart work placements. The unique collaboration brings together ManpowerGroup’s recruitment capabilities with The Prince’s Trust’s long-standing expertise in delivering award-winning employability support and training. The new partnership aims to help curb the growing youth unemployment crisis facing 16 to 24 year old’s in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering six-month paid work placements through the government’s Kickstart Scheme.

Jab Success Yet to Boost UK Jobs Market

09 March 2021
The UK’s rapid vaccine roll-out is yet to translate into a bounce in hiring levels, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. The UK’s jobs Outlook saw a one-point improvement on the quarter to -5%, remaining the least optimistic in Europe. But in the wake of large-scale job losses at some of the country’s best-known businesses, optimism is now surging among the UK’s biggest employers.

New Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on Digitisation and Skills finds UK Lags Behind the Rest of the World

11 January 2021
The latest in the Skills Revolution research, released this week, found the COVID-19 pandemic has led companies to rapidly accelerate digitisation plans. The survey of over 1,000 employers in the UK and more than 26,000 employers worldwide finds those companies that are digitising are creating the most jobs.

2021 Brings Improving Jobs Outlook But London Hits All-Time Low

8 December 2020
The UK jobs Outlook has rebounded six points in the last six months to -6%, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, but the picture is disappointing compared to the rest of Europe and the labour market is increasingly divided. Sharp improvements in finance and business services and construction are offset by new falls in retail and hospitality, while the outlook in London has hit an all-time low.

UK Ranks In Global Top Five Countries To Do Business, Finds Total Workforce Index™

7 December 2020
The Total Workforce Index™ (TWI) has ranked the UK in the top five labour markets worldwide, based on sourcing, hiring and retaining workforce skills. The global Talent Solutions survey utilises 200 factors to evaluate skills availability, cost efficiency, regulation, and productivity; combined with big data and expert analysis to assess the workforce engagement of 76 global markets. The annual TWI report finds that the United States, New Zealand and Canada are the most attractive markets for employer investment, followed by Ireland and the United Kingdom.

ManpowerGroup Launches New Tech Talent and Training Partnership with QA

3 December 2020
In the latest ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey, 23% of UK employers reported that they are unable to find the talent they need – the worst shortage since 2008. The tech sector has long been suffering a talent gap as organisations take time to rise to the changes in demand and overcome legacy skills in the market.

Glimmer of Hope in Q4 Jobs Outlook

8 September 2020
COVID-19 continues to weigh heavy on the UK employment market but there are clear signs of improvement in the final quarter of 2020. While the Q4 UK Employment Outlook is -8% – a near-historic low – new data reveals a 4-point lift compared to the previous quarter.

Most UK Employers Expect Return to Pre-COVID Hiring Levels by Early 2021

9 June 2020
While businesses across the country have started the process of coming out of the Covid-19 lockdown, employers are reporting the weakest Outlook since records began in 1992. Hiring intentions for the third quarter of 2020 are down to -12%, with a sharp drop across all major sectors.

‘Boris Bounce’ in UK Jobs Outlook Now Facing Uncertainty

10 March 2020
After a string of Brexit false starts and the UK’s third general election in five years, employers are set to increase hiring on the back of newfound political certainty, according to the Q2 ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. However, the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus may put the brakes on this new-found confidence.

UK Talent Shortages Hit Twelve-Year High as Employers Struggle to Keep Up with Candidate Demands

03 January 2020
The UK Talent Shortage has more than doubled since its lowest reported point in 2010 (9%), with almost a quarter of British businesses reporting talent shortages, according to the latest Talent Shortage Survey released today by ManpowerGroup. The worst affected organisations are those with over 250 employees, with over half (51%) of them reporting talent shortages.

Hiring Confidence Falls to Seven-Year Low

10 December 2019
UK employers are reporting their weakest hiring confidence in seven years. Hiring intentions for the first quarter of 2020 are down three percentage points to +2%, the lowest they have been since 2012. Declining confidence in nearly every sector and region paints a sluggish picture for the start of 2020, with only a few bright spots standing out.

“Stockhiring Syndrome” Fuels UK Jobs Surge

10 September 2019
With the latest Brexit deadline a month away, UK employers are again looking to stockpile talent and shore up their workforces. In a virtual re-run of behavior seen at the start of the year – which saw UK employers looking to hire people in response to the original Brexit deadline of March 29th – hiring intentions for the fourth quarter are up two percentage points to +5%, the highest level since the start of the year.

UK Public Sector Employers Set to Hire at Twice the Rate of Private Sector

11 June 2019
Public sector employers are twice as likely to be looking to hire in the next quarter as their private sector counterparts, with big gaps in public services like the NHS driving much of the demand, while businesses adopt a more cautious approach.

Hiring party set to end as finance and business services employers prepare to cut jobs

12 March 2019
As the Brexit countdown reaches its final stages, ManpowerGroup’s latest Employment Outlook Survey suggests that the boom in the UK jobs market is coming to an end. The national Outlook for the second quarter of 2019 has fallen to +4%, on a par with the weakest levels of confidence we have seen in recent years.

UK Hiring Intentions at 18 Month High as Employers Plug Brexit Holes

11 December 2018
Hiring intentions among UK employers have climbed to their highest level in 18 months, despite huge uncertainty around Britain’s post-Brexit economic environment, ManpowerGroup’s latest Employment Outlook Survey reveals. The national Outlook for the first quarter of 2019 has hit +6%, as the war for talent hots up in an increasingly tight labour market.

Disunited Kingdom – Jobs Market in Rest of UK Lags Buoyant England
11 September 2018
2018 has been the weakest year for jobs confidence among UK employers since 2012, according to ManpowerGroup, with a UK national Outlook of +4% this quarter. But the headline data belies stark differences between upbeat employers in England and much lower levels of optimism in the devolved nations.

UK Finance and Business Services jobs Outlook plummets to nine-year low
12 June 2018
Hiring confidence in the UK’s business and financial services sector has sunk into negative territory for the first time in nearly a decade.

Shock Rise in UK Hiring Confidence Ahead of Spring Statement
13 March 2018
On the day of the Chancellor’s first Spring Statement, ManpowerGroup reveals employers have recorded their most optimistic jobs forecast in over a year, with a national Outlook of +6%.

UK Hiring Confidence Slumps to a Five Year Low
12 December 2017
As uncertainty about the direction and outcome of Brexit negotiations continues, ManpowerGroup reveals that employers have recorded their weakest level of confidence since 2012.

ManpowerGroup Supports UN Sustainable Development Goals and Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Sustainability Plan
18 September 2017
ManpowerGroup today kicks off global Sustainability Week across 80 countries celebrating the first anniversary of its Sustainability Plan.

End of austerity? Public sector hiring confidence leaps
12 September 2017
Against the backdrop of record employment and ongoing Brexit negotiations, ManpowerGroup reveals that employers have recorded a one point uptick in optimism with a national Outlook of +6%.

ManpowerGroup Wins Prestigious Armed Forces Gold Employer Recognition Award
10 August 2017
The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has this week named ManpowerGroup, the world’s workforce expert, as a Gold Award winner in its Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) for 2017.

Uncertain Election Result Could Relieve Hard Brexit Jobs Headache
June 2017
In the first employment survey to be published since the General Election, ManpowerGroup reveals that companies have demonstrated cautious optimism about hiring with an Outlook of +5%. Whilst on first glance the election uncertainty might appear unhelpful to employers, ManpowerGroup believes that the shock result could offer hope for businesses who had feared the impact of a hard Brexit on hiring.

UK Employers “Alarmingly Unprepared” For Apprenticeship Levy
March 2017
In a survey asking 1,000 UK employers about their awareness and understanding of the Apprenticeship Levy, the majority of employers reported little or no knowledge of the impending changes, while many misunderstood who would have to pay.

Hiring Confidence Tumbles in ‘Remain’ Heartlands of London and Scotland
March 2017
Hiring confidence has dived in London and Scotland, the two strongest remain-supporting regions of the UK, as the government prepares to trigger Article 50.

Employers Report Christmas Confidence for Brexit Britain
December 2016
Employers have shrugged off concerns about the impact of Brexit to report a national seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of +7%, up two points on the previous quarter and the highest level of optimism in three years.

Winter Outlook Reveals UK Jobs Market Skating on Thin Ice
September 2016
On the surface the EU referendum result has done little to dampen employers’ immediate hiring plans, but vital early warning signs suggest the UK jobs market could be in for a rough ride, according to ManpowerGroup, the world’s workforce experts.

ManpowerGroup Warns Brexit Could Leave the UK Critically Short of Workers
June 2016
A British exit from the European Union could leave businesses facing a critical talent shortage, with EU workers no longer able to move freely to the UK. The national seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook has fallen 1% for the second successive quarter to +5%. This second successive fall shows that, while there is still a strong requirement for new workers, overall businesses’ hiring intentions appear to have been hit by Brexit uncertainty.

Brexit Threatens to Turn Off Britain’s Talent Tap
March 2016
Hiring intentions among Britain’s employers in the first half of 2016 are at their strongest level since 2007. The national seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook is at +7% for the second consecutive quarter, a start to the year not seen for nearly a decade. But there are questions about whether this demand for talent can be fulfilled if Britain votes to leave the European Union.

Christmas Comes Early For Cyber Security Specialists
December 2015
2016 will begin with UK employers more optimistic than at any time in 2015. The national seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook has jumped two percentage points to +7% as companies ramp up hiring plans going into the New Year. However, later in the year there are potential bumps in the road with employers braced for the introduction of the National Living Wage and continuing uncertainty around Britain’s membership of the EU.

UK Jobs Outlook Slips to Three-Year Low
September 2015
The UK jobs market stands at its least optimistic level in three years. After three consecutive quarters at +6%, job prospects are dwindling in the run up to Christmas and have reached their weakest point since the final quarter of 2012. The national Seasonally Adjusted Net Employment Outlook has dropped two percentage points to +4%.

Northern powerhouse “risks becoming northern power cut”
June 2015
The UK jobs market is facing a critical shortfall of qualified workers, with the north of England particularly vulnerable. Whilst on the surface employment stands at a 40-year record high and unemployment continues to fall, the official statistics fail to show the struggle many employers are having filling vacancies, especially in the north of England.

Public sector set for pre-election hiring spike
March 2015
There has been a surprise jump in public sector jobs optimism in the run-up to the general election, while private companies take a ‘wait and see’ approach to the outcome in May.

ManpowerGroup Pay League 2015: North West
January 2015
There is a huge pay gap between the best and worst paid full-time workers living in the North West region, with people living in Trafford the best paid, earning up to £15,000 more than those living in Blackpool.

Big business hiring set to hit 10 year high
December 2014
Manpower Employment Outlook Survey reveals jobs optimism among UK’s biggest firms at highest level since 2005, with utilities the most optimistic sector.

ManpowerGroup Pay League 2014: South West
October 2014
There is a huge pay gap between workers living the East and West of the South West region, with the people living in the East the best paid, earning up to £17,000 more than those living in the West.

UK jobs growth cooling down after biggest hiring spree in forty years
September 2014
Employers are scaling back their recruitment plans in the fourth quarter of 2014, following this year’s record hiring spree. With an Outlook of +6%, employers across the UK are still intending to take on staff in the coming quarter – but not at the levels we saw earlier in the year.

Manpower re-launches Bristol branch as city’s employers seek specialist skills
August 2014
ManpowerGroup has re-launched its Bristol branch following an extensive refurbishment. The branch has now been re-launched as a Metro, a flagship sector-specialist site capable of recruiting for the largest volume requirements, which will offer companies and jobseekers an even better range of services and opportunities.

ManpowerGroup Pay League: North East
July 2014
Pay in the North East is growing faster than the UK national average, with wages for the region’s 100,000 manufacturing workers rising at more than double the overall regional average.

United or not, the UK’s jobs market is on the rise
June 2014
The UK’s Employment Outlook is at its strongest level since the downturn. With an Outlook of +8%, employers across the UK intend to take on staff in the third quarter of 2014 – and not even the uncertainty facing the future of the United Kingdom is dampening job prospects in Scotland.

ManpowerGroup Pay League 2014: West Midlands
May 2014
People in Sandwell earn on average £9,000 a year less than those in Solihull but still end up working two weeks a year longer.

HR departments must take on new roles to address skills gap
May 2014
ManpowerGroup’s Annual Talent Shortage Survey reveals that HR departments must adapt their people practises in order to fill increasing talent shortages, with 36% of employers globally reporting a difficulty in filling jobs due to the lack of skills available – the highest level for seven years.

Floods give UK jobs market unexpected boost
March 2014
The UK’s Employment Outlook has been given a boost by the dreadful weather experienced across the country in the winter months. With an Outlook of +6%, employers across the UK intend to take on staff in the second quarter of 2014 as the economic recovery gathers momentum.