Nearly half of workers would prefer an alternative to permanent work – such as contracting, project work, gig working or temporary positions. Employers are embracing non-traditional ways of working too. These employment models provide them with choice and flexibility – both of which are highly attractive as they look to build resilience in times of uncertainty. But at the same time, they appreciate the stability and continuity of their permanent workforce.

Employed Consultants can provide organisations with a workforce that is both flexible and permanent. They’re workers who are permanently employed by ManpowerGroup, and then placed on assignment to fill interim or project positions within our clients’ organisations.

Whether you have a project that needs to be completed or need a short-term injection of specialist skills – Employed Consultants can give you all the stability of a permanent worker, combined with the flexibility you’d expect of a contractor. Think of it as a way to bridge the gap between your permanent and non-permanent workforces.

Bridging permanent and non-permanent workforces

Recruit an Employed Consultant and you’ll find they’re typically 10-20% cheaper than a contractor. Since they’re employed permanently by us, there’s no co-employment risk or IR35 issues. There’s also no contract management or HR administrative burden for you to worry about either. Most importantly, since they have the mentality of a permanent employee, you’ll experience reduced contractor churn and lower project risk.

Our Employed Consultants cover hundreds of different skill sets, so they can be deployed on a wide range of projects or roles. You can recruit one or two at a time, or you can take on a whole team – whatever your business needs. There’s even the option of a structured ‘try before you buy’ approach to complement your permanent hiring programme. In short, it’s a flexible, permanent workforce model that can grow alongside your organisation.

If you’d like to learn more about how Employed Consultants could enhance your workforce, please contact us or download the fact sheet.