Video: What is Wrong with a Jobless Future?

Artificial Intelligence: the future outlook

You don’t know you’re living in the dark ages until the next era comes along and tells you. That’s the nature of development. When something new comes along, the way people were previously living and working can suddenly seem incredibly archaic.

It goes without saying that technology is steadily transforming the world of work. It’s certainly not the first time that we’ve seen significant change in the workplace. However the difference now is that it’s happening at an extraordinary pace and no one can be entirely sure what the future holds. People talk about technology removing jobs, machines replacing workers, and some people even speculate that there might be a world without any work at all. These are exaggerations, but it does beg the question: what role will humans play in tomorrow’s work?

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting earlier this year, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO Jonas Prising and tech entrepreneur discussed the role of humans in tomorrow’s world of work, and the prospect of a jobless future. Take a look at a short video excerpt:

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