Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions in the Skills Revolution

Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions in the Skills Revolution
Technology is transforming organisations, skills needs are changing rapidly, and companies cannot find the talent they need. Digitisation and automation is happening at different speeds, impacting regions, sectors and organisations at different times, and in different ways. In the past, transformation took decades, even centuries. Today, it is happening at an unprecedented pace – yet the outcome is not predetermined.

In the midst of a Skills Revolution, human ingenuity will be the linchpin for how we leverage technology in our lives and businesses. With the right skills mix, people will augment – rather than compete – with technology.

In this digital world, success will not always require a university degree. Instead, it will rely on an appetite for continuous skills development. Identifying future skill requirements, helping people to upskill, and providing access to employment will ensure that both workers and organisations have the skills they need to thrive.

Human Solutions for a Skills Revolution

To find out how employers expect technology to transform the future of work, and what they are doing to ready their organisation, we surveyed 20,000 employers in 42 countries about:

  • The likely impact of automation on their headcount in the next two years
  • Which functions within their organisation will be most affected
  • The human skills they value most and which they struggle to find

Our research found that developing a blend of technical skills and soft skills is the solution to the Skills Revolution for individuals and employers alike. And, as companies go digital, in the near-term most will need more people, not fewer.

We invite you to download the full whitepaper for a real-time view of the impact of automation on the workforce in the digital age, and an overview of the functions that are set to grow or contract in the years ahead.

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