What do Millennials want?

How to attract, retain and develop Millennials
What do you do when you realise your team or business don’t really have the right skills?

Chances are, you aren’t alone in pondering this.

Almost 40% of employers are struggling with a talent shortage. But, in trying to solve it, many may not be fully tapping into the value, potential and skills that Millennials can bring.

By 2020, Millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce. They’re keen, willing to learn, hungry to develop, and are ‘digital natives’. They will also be the business leaders of tomorrow. Yet what motivates them?

Many hiring managers we speak to see their potential, but simply don’t understand the Millennial mind set. Invariably, they are often left asking the same question: what do Millennials want?

To find out, take a look at our latest at-a-glance infographic on “Millennials: A Career for Me”. Or, for a more in-depth look at the Millennial mind set, download our latest whitepaper.