Tech Cities Job Watch Q4 2017

Tech Cities Job Watch Q4 2017
The Tech Cities Job Watch report is a quarterly tracker of hiring demand and salary trends in the technology sector and provides employers with a barometer of these changing workforce dynamics.

The report focuses on five key disciplines, across ten UK Tech Cities, including: Big Data, Cloud, IT Security, Mobile and Web Development. Each issue also takes a closer look at a specific discipline, with IT Security being the main focus of this report.

In the Q4 2017 report we explore the complex cyber security landscape. With hacks and security breaches on the rise, businesses could be more vulnerable to cyber attacks; whilst budget cuts and the introduction of IR35 may be creating an imbalance in the supply and remuneration across the industry.

Key highlights from the report reveal that:

  • Demand for new permanent IT Security skills dropped in Q4 2017 but salaries increased by 4% year-on-year
  • The average salary for an IT Security role (£60,004) remains much lower than the likes of a Big Data specialist (£70,945)
  • Despite day rates dropping by 13%, demand for IT Security contractors increased by 24% year-on-year

Download the full report to find out more.

Take a look at the Tech Cities Job Watch Infographic below to view a snapshot of the latest tech workforce trends. Alternatively, click here to download the PDF.

Tech Cities Job Watch Q4 2017 - Key Trends
Tech Cities Job Watch Q4 2017 - Salary Watch

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