Tech Cities Job Watch Q2 2017

Tech Cities Job Watch Q2 2017
As technology has evolved and continues to significantly impact all aspects of business, companies vie for top tech talent, so they can build their ability to innovate and cater to demand. However, employers are finding it increasingly challenging to attract and secure the skilled individuals their business needs.

The Tech Cities Job Watch report is a quarterly tracker of hiring demand and salary trends in the technology sector and provides employers with a barometer of these changing workforce dynamics.

The report focuses on five key disciplines, including: Big Data, Cloud, IT Security, Mobile and Web Development. Each issue also takes a closer look at a specific discipline, with Cloud being the main focus of the W2 2017 report. Key findings in this quarter include:

  • Demand for Cloud skills soared by 97.7% but salaries have stagnated since Q2 2016
  • Salaries for permanent Cloud professionals increased by just 2.71% (YoY) from £57,331 to £58,885, while contractor day rates remained at £482 for the same period
  • Cloud skills have transitioned from being one of the hottest tech trends to being an integral part of the day-to-day operations, with businesses seeking fewer niche IT professionals.

These results demonstrate that the demand for Cloud professionals and skills are up, but restricted pay growth signals a much more complex market than we have seen previously. This is to be expected to a certain extent as the market matures and organisations present more diverse Cloud requirements. With Cloud skills having transitioned to being an integral part of the day-to-day operations for IT departments across the board, this has influenced both the demand and remuneration for Cloud skills.

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Take a look at the Tech Cities Job Watch Infographic below to view a snapshot of the latest tech workforce trends. Alternatively, click here to download the PDF.

Tech Cities Job Watch Q2 2017

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