Tech Cities Job Watch Q1 2018

Tech Cities Job Watch Q1 2018
As technology continues to significantly impact all aspects of business, companies in cities across the UK vie for top tech talent, so they can build their ability to innovate and cater to demand. Yet, as the technology sector has evolved, so have the skills, expectations, and demands of the talent that powers it. As a result, employers are finding it increasingly challenging to attract and secure the skilled individuals their business needs.

The Tech Cities Job Watch report provides employers with a barometer of the changing workforce dynamics within the technology sector across ten UK Tech Cities. The report focuses on five key disciplines, including: Big Data, Cloud, IT Security, Mobile and Web Development.

In this quarter’s report we take a closer look at the Big Data discipline. With the hurdles introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation and the growing trend for connected devices, businesses are increasingly under pressure to better manage, secure and leverage their data.

Key highlights from the report reveal that:

  • Demand for Big Data professionals intensifies with a 78% surge since Q1 2017
  • Big Data specialists command the highest salary of £67,464 (compared to all disciplines), yet the average salary increased by just 0.1% in the past year
  • Contractor day rates are down by 5% over the same period, offering £504, but Big Data also remains the discipline with the highest paid average day rate

Download the full report to find out more.

Take a look at the Tech Cities Job Watch Infographic below to view a snapshot of the latest tech workforce trends. Alternatively, click here to download the PDF.

Tech Cities Job Watch Q1 2018 - Key Trends
Tech Cities Job Watch Q1 2018 - Salary watch

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