Shatter the myth: RPO is just for huge companies

There are plenty of preconceptions in the world of outsourced recruitment. In my last blog, which you can read here, I touched on three of the main ‘myths’ I encounter in my day-to-day role. I’d like to dig deeper into one of those myths – that fully outsourcing recruitment only works for huge organisations.

Of course, many large, multi-national corporations have outsourced their recruitment over the years. And they’ve had great success. But it’s not just large companies who can harness the benefits of outsourcing.

RPO for smaller companies

When Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) first emerged, it involved working with a full-time, dedicated team. They would work onsite with one specific client, often in the guise of the organisation themselves rather than the provider.

That was 20 years ago. Whilst this same model still works today, things have changed. Or, should I say, evolved since then. Over the last two decades, many providers have learnt from their successes and their failures. As a result, they’ve formulated alternative ways of operating; experimented with different delivery models; and have even built infrastructures to allow for more flexible RPO solutions. All this has meant that RPO has moved on.

Consequently, nowadays, companies with much smaller workforces are harnessing an Agile RPO solution. This affords all of the benefits of a standard RPO – increased process efficiencies, improved candidate experience, greater profitability, etc. However, there are two key differences: flexibility and scalability.

“What if I told you…”

Now, if I’m any judge, you’re probably thinking: “ok, that’s great and all that, but it won’t work for us”.

The truth is it can work for anyone. Let’s take a fast growing technology company as an example. They only had 500 employees, but their business was growing very quickly. With new product launches on the horizon, the (already stretched) HR function was under pressure to make an additional 100 hires this year alone. They knew that 90% of those hires would be from specialist recruitment agencies, each charging a 20% fee. With an average salary of £40,000, this recruitment spend would top £720,000 this year alone.

At the risk of sounding like Morpheus out of The Matrix, “What if I told you…” that this tech company could reduce this spend, consolidate the supply chain, improve candidate experience, improve candidate quality, improve time-to-hire and improve employer brand perception through an RPO solution? Again, like Morpheus, it’s time to ‘free your mind’ to the possibilities. An RPO for smaller companies is a real and viable option.

This is exactly what ManpowerGroup Solutions has been doing for years. We partner with organisations of all sizes to plan, design and implement outsourced recruitment and workforce management programmes that meet a diverse range of business challenges.

And we’re good at it. In fact, we’re the world’s number one. Think of us as the Novak Djokovic of the RPO world. But don’t take my word for it, take Nelson Hall and Everest Group’s word for it – they’ve named us the biggest and the best respectively for the last five years.

Find out more about our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions on the ManpowerGroup Solutions website.