Myth Busting RPO

At times, everyone can be guilty of over-complicating jobs and hobbies. What initially is set out as a straightforward task or relaxing personal pursuit can be loaded down with to-do lists and questions.

The same can be said for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). It has been overcomplicated to the point that when those three letters (RPO) are mentioned, many people automatically think ‘full, large-scale outsource of our entire permanent recruitment’ and run for the hills.

The problem is, there are many myths and misconceptions about what an RPO entails which make it understandable that people can be put off from the start. There is not a huge amount of literature in the public domain on the nuances of RPO but, then again, it is almost impossible to create summaries for a service that’s completely bespoke to every organisation.

Yes, RPO can involve large-scale outsourcing. But that is only one form of it. Below we will try to explain the breadth of services Recruitment Process Outsourcing has to offer and help to make it that bit simpler.

Myth Number 1: RPO is just for huge companies

Yes, plenty of large companies have an RPO. But RPO is not exclusively available for massive, global operations. If you’re a smaller company with big growth plans, an Agile RPO is the answer for you. You can access the services your business needs using our modular set up, with the ability to quickly turn it on and off, like a tap, in line with your requirements.

Myth Number 2: It’s all, or nothing

An RPO doesn’t have to encompass all of your permanent recruitment requirements. Say one specific division of your company needs to quickly recruit a large number of new employees. A Project RPO is the perfect solution. It’s a white-labelled partnership that’s much more cost effective than using a recruitment agency on an ad hoc basis and has all the benefits of a full-scale RPO.

Myth Number 3: An RPO encompasses the full end-to-end needs

An RPO can also support you with one distinct component of the recruitment cycle, if you don’t have the required resource in-house. Agile RPO offerings can oversee specific steps in the recruitment process, such as talent sourcing or talent mapping. The possibilities are endless.

When all is said and done, RPO is about permanent recruitment. The provider could run the entire process, or they might just support with one element of your permanent recruitment. Either way, organisations look to an RPO solution because they want to yield benefits which can’t be achieved in-house or by using a recruitment agency on an ad-hoc basis.

At Talent Solutions, we can deliver all of the above-mentioned types of RPO (and many more) depending on your needs. We’re proud to have been recognised as the global RPO leader by Everest Group for eight consecutive years.

Feel free to take a quick look at the Recruitment Process Outsourcing section on our website if you’d like to learn more, or get in touch with our team directly.