PODCAST: Women in Leadership

In this month’s episode of the Transform Talent Podcast we discuss women in leadership. With Amy Smyth, Head of the European Centre of Excellence for Career Management at Right Management, and Brendan Plessis, Executive Vice President at Sompo International and mentor in Lloyd’s of London – Right Management Advance programme, we learn what can be done to close the gender gap and ensure a more equal future and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout the episode, we ask what a “shecession” is;  why language is so important; what are the strategies that women can use to assert themselves in their careers; what is sponsorship and how is it different from mentorship; why are there some sectors less gender diverse than others and what more can be done to close that gap; why more women aren’t progressing into executive positions do men and women really lead differently and, how to win a salary negotiation (hint: go for it!).

Through engaging interviews with talent industry experts, our Transform Talent podcast series discusses Covid-19’s global impact on the world of work, focusing on how this health crisis is impacting the return to the workplace, the great skills shift, employee physical and emotional well-being and the importance of building resilience in people and organisations. Our two hosts, Roberta Cucchiaro and Dominika Galusa also talk about the latest technologies and hear from our clients on how to make the Next Normal better for all.

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