PODCAST: Statement of Work Explained

In the latest episode of our Transform Talent podcast, we ask Kayleigh Kuptz, Co-founder and COO at Deployed, and Sana Ali, EMEA Service Procurement Manager at Talent Solutions TAPFIN, how Statement of Work (SoW) can help organisations succeed in the post Covid-19 economy.

Kuptz summarises it well when she states that “the job for life is dead: you don’t hire for people anymore, you hire for services and outcomes and SoW enables that flexibility and agility” needed in today’s world of work – SoW is one of the largest categories of spend for an organisation and has increased 21% year-over-year, representing three to six times the spend of contingent labour.

This rapid growth is primarily fuelled by the rise of the gig workforce, who look to maintain their independence and desire flexible working arrangements while organisations want to shift risk, maintain quality and control costs by moving to outcome-based solutions.

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the overnight (and now long term) shift to remote work and the growing urgency for organisations to digitise, never before has organisational agility been tested in such extreme and accelerated circumstances.

Listen to the full podcast below, and contact us here if you’d like to learn more about Talent Solutions TAPFIN’s SoW management programmes.