ManpowerGroup Showcases Innovative HR Tech and Predictive Performance Tools at World-Leading Viva Technology Conference

ManpowerGroup Showcases Innovative HR Tech and Predictive Performance Tools at World-Leading Viva Technology Conference

Digitisation is disrupting all organisations. But with the right blend of people, skills, and technology, both people and businesses can thrive in the digital age.

As the world of work becomes more complex, investing in the right technologies can enable organisations to maximise business opportunities and enrich the skills and abilities of their people. With a balance of human and digital capabilities, organisations can create an inclusive, tech-enabled and forward-thinking company that’s primed for the future of work.

It’s particularly important that businesses understand what new technologies are likely to emerge in the near future and how these may benefit their organisation, so they can be ready to harness new opportunities. That’s why ManpowerGroup was proud to showcase our own latest HR innovations to more than 100,000 attendees at the world-famous Viva Technology conference in Paris earlier this year.

As the official HR partner for the third consecutive year, ManpowerGroup demonstrated how augmented reality, virtual reality and digital predictive performance tools can enhance how people work, and how businesses attract, retain and upskill talent.

During the conference, we hosted 40+ startups in the ManpowerGroup HR Lab, providing a unique opportunity for them to present their game-changing ideas to the attendees. We also showcased our own innovations and technologies, including:

  • Talent Connect – the exclusive job board for Viva Technology partners to match in-demand talent with open positions in the world’s leading tech companies. More than 3,000 tech candidates were matched with potential employers in less than one week.
  • Virtual reality safety training experience Prevention 3D – an experiential virtual reality experience that immerses employees in real-life work scenarios. Prevention 3D has already trained more than 3,500 workers in the construction industry.
  • Augmented reality leveraging gamification – to train workers in retail merchandising, in partnership with Nestl√©.
  • The Digital Room – first showcased at the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, this immersive experience measures verbal and non-verbal responses to assess an individual’s readiness to lead in the digital age.

Companies need to invest in new innovations that allow them to maximise business opportunities; but they also need to have access to talent who can augment and align these technologies in order to unleash their full potential. Harnessing both the power of people and the latest HR innovations will enable organisations to win in the future of work.

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This article first appeared in the ninth edition of The Human Age Newspaper.