The Human Age Newspaper – Ninth Edition

The Human Age Newspaper - Ninth Edition

In our rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations must adapt to change, remain agile and transform their workforce strategies, in order to maintain their competitive edge in the future of work.

As we embrace new technologies and ways of working, the value of human capital is at a premium. Access to skilled talent is becoming an even more significant predictor of business success. Yet, in a world of accelerated disruption and shifting skills needs, employers are struggling to find the talent they need.

Shaping the Future of Work is Humanly Possible

The Human Age newspaper is our overview of the workforce trends that are challenging employers to think differently about their workforce. In this ninth edition, we are proud to share some of the exciting ways ManpowerGroup is helping our clients address the complex workforce challenges confronting them, such as talent shortages. In addition to sharing our perspective on the current labour market, this edition also explores the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the future of work. We examine the need for more sophisticated talent analytics, the impact of digitisation on workforces, and how our ground-breaking training academy will help organisations prepare for industry 4.0.

Highlights from the latest edition of the Human Age newspaper include:

  • State of the Nation: Labour Market Update
  • Helping Tech-Driven Industries Harness the Skills Revolution
  • Babcock’s Road to Total Talent Management
  • Leading Through Digital Transformation
  • Sophisticated Analytics that Optimise Workforces
  • Why Employers Should Adopt a High-Tech, High-Touch Approach to Hiring
  • The Future of Recruitment

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