Infographic: how candidates want technology to be used in the hiring process

Authentic, technologically advanced communications are a priority for today’s jobseekers. Added to this, the technology an employer uses (and doesn’t use) during the hiring process sends a powerful message about their organisation to prospective candidates.

It goes without saying that HR Leaders recognise the benefits of harnessing technology during the recruitment process. That’s why you’ll find it embedded in nearly every element of the hiring cycle – both streamlining and enhancing talent acquisition strategies the world over. However, when harnessing a high-tech approach, it’s critical that employers don’t forget to consider how they will continue to build a personalised experience. After all, for something as personal as a job search, mass mailings that are not targeted to the individual can be perceived as insulting and undermine trust in the budding employer-employee relationship.

To understand more about candidates’ preferences during the hiring process, we interviewed nearly 14,000 workers in 19 influential countries across the globe. While technology can simplify the hiring process, our research found that it’s no replacement for the human touch in attracting in-demand talent.

Take a look below for an infographic on what candidates need, want and expect from technology during the hiring process. Click here to view the infographic as a PDF.

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