Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search

Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search.
When it comes to attracting and hiring in-demand talent, technology has changed everything. It’s embedded in everything we do, affecting most aspects of the hiring cycle.

Candidates use technology to search and apply for jobs; while employers use technology to engage candidates, build talent communities and interview prospects. However, while technology enables more communication, workers often feel that inauthentic, automated outreach messages undermine an employer’s credibility.

The technology that an employer uses (or does not use) at every stage of the recruitment life cycle sends a powerful message about their employer brand to today’s candidates. Those companies that proactively respond to candidates’ technological preferences, rather than fight them, will ultimately win the war for talent.

High tech, high touch

To understand what candidates need, want and expect from technology during the hiring process, we interviewed nearly 14,000 workers in 19 influential countries across the globe.

Our research reveals that there is real competitive advantage for those companies who harness a high tech, high touch approach, in a way that is attractive and engaging to top talent. After all, while technology can simplify the hiring process, it’s no replacement for the human touch in attracting in-demand talent.

This report provides new insights into candidate technology preferences, including global trends and
country nuances. It also suggests practical steps employers can take to attract, develop and retain skilled talent.

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