Industry Insiders: Securing The Internet Of Things

We are living in connected times. Digital technologies are delivering countless new opportunities to link people, places and devices, driven by the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). In homes, cars, factories, roads, wind farms and everywhere in between – devices are talking to devices and generating huge volumes of data in the process.

For businesses, this offers a huge opportunity to better track, monitor and optimise their operations, and deliver enhanced services. But it also represents a significant challenge. Every time a device becomes connected to another, it creates another potential door for cyber criminals to break in and access sensitive data. Businesses need to be able to capitalise on the promise of IoT without exposing themselves to dangers, and that all starts with talent and skills.

Impact Of Cyber Security On Internet Of Things Development

IoT offers huge opportunities for organisations, if they have the right cyber security foundations in place to take advantage of new innovations safely. In the second Industry Insiders report from Experis, we explore the Internet of Things, the impact this is having on cyber security, and what this means for organisations looking to bring in the right talent to help them enhance their capabilities in this space.

Our research finds that there is strong demand for top IoT and cyber security talent, but the market is struggling to keep pace. As a result, businesses are having to be creative about their talent acquisition strategies, in order to find and keep in-demand skills.

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