Webinar: Unlocking the next era of IT talent: Impact of AI on the future technology workforce

The combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence has paved the way for a new era in the technology workforce. According to MEOS Q3 2023, 69% of UK employers believe that AI will generate more job opportunities within their organisations.  

We invite you to watch our recent on-demand webinar titled ‘Unlocking the next era of IT talent: Impact of AI on the future technology workforce’, held in partnership with Everest Group. The session, moderated by Victoria Odubore, IT Customer Services Director at Experis UK, featured esteemed panellists including Priyanka Mitra, Vice President of BPS & HR Outsourcing at Everest Group, Nitish Mittal, Partner of Technology Practice at Everest Group, and Rahul Kumar, Brand Leader & Director of IT Services at Experis UK. 

During the session, our panellists provided valuable insights into how AI is transforming the technology workforce and the skills that are currently in high demand. The session delves into the intricacies of addressing talent shortages and adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape of AI. Key discussion points include the unveiling of AI’s true potential through the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the influence of AI on the future workforce and its impact on various industries, the key challenges that organisations are encountering as a result of AI’s evolution, and strategies for organisations to swiftly adapt and remain agile in order to meet the demands of the evolving technological landscape. 

Watch on demand.