Navigating the global workforce: How borderless solutions can help to mitigate risks and aid compliance

Embracing the advantages of a global workforce has become crucial in our connected world as organisations traverse international borders. The road is not without difficulty, though, and these include compliance problems and potential hazards. Four million UK workers have changed jobs as a result of workplace flexibility, according to recent figures (CIPD, May 2023). Working abroad is regarded as “life-changing” by 93% of employees, and 88% of businesses think it may help address the global talent shortages, according to Ernst & Young’s 2023 Mobility Reimagined Survey.

Borderless talent solutions offer a useful approach to address the skill gap. These solutions do, however, present a unique set of difficulties. In this blog, we examine the crucial part Borderless talent solutions play in assisting organisations in lowering these risks and upholding compliance in a global environment that is always changing.

Challenges of operating across borders

While operating across borders offers access to a global talent pool and cost-saving opportunities, it presents several complexities:

  • Establishing corporate presence in multiple countries
  • Complying with international and local tax regulations
  • Navigating diverse collective bargaining agreements
  • Adhering to varying employment laws and contracts
  • Managing GDPR and other local regulations
  • Staying current with ever-evolving visa rules
  • Overseeing intricate onboarding processes
  • Identifying and addressing permanent establishment risks
  • Tackling cybersecurity and geopolitical risks.

The importance of compliance in the global market – and the potential repercussions of breaking labour and tax rules – is highlighted by Nike’s misclassification of temporary office workers, which put the corporation at danger of class-action lawsuits and large tax penalties.

How Experis Cross Border mitigates risk

Experis Cross Border is a strategic solution designed to assist businesses in effectively managing a cross-border workforce. Here’s how it reduces the risk of similar incidents:

1. Employment laws and regulations

Labour laws and regulations vary from one country to another and are subject to constant change. With a global network of 3,500 offices, this solution equips businesses with:

  • Current knowledge of local employment laws
  • Local processes and policies
  • Expertise in local markets
  • Proficiency in local languages.

For instance, recent changes like the prohibition of non-compete clauses in the United States and new ESG reporting requirements in Europe necessitate adaption from businesses. Experis Cross Border aids companies in remaining compliant with these evolving legal requirements.

2. Authorisations and visas

Ensuring that employees have the right to work and live in foreign countries is a critical aspect of borderless employment. Local onboarding through our borderless solution ensures compliance by:

  • Conducting background checks within relevant legal frameworks
  • Aligning local compensation with local standards
  • Meeting visa and work authorisation requirements.

3. Taxation

To avoid financial penalties, it is crucial to abide with local tax laws. Experis Cross Border minimises the risk of tax-related issues by ensuring compliance with in-country tax legislation for both freelancers and employees.

4. GDPR compliance

GDPR and other data privacy standards call for the gathering and storage of sensitive and personal data in compliance with local legislation. Each Experis Cross Border office complies with local GDPR and privacy laws.

Additional benefits of Experis Cross Border

Beyond risk mitigation, our solution can:

  • Enhance diversity, equity and inclusion by accessing a global talent pool
  • Rapidly provide talent for business transformations and global projects
  • Align with employee preferences for cross-border career opportunities.

Experis Cross Border equips employers with the knowledge, experience and tools to navigate the challenges of a cross-border workforce comprehensively. Our solution allows organisations to seize global opportunities while minimising risks, ensuring they remain compliant and competitive on the global stage in an era where access to global talent is more accessible than ever.

If you’re interested, you can learn more in our brochure and reach out to our team with any questions you may have.