The world’s gone digital – do you have the right skills?

The world's gone digital - do you have the right skills?
Developments in digitisation, automation, and AI are changing the world around us. And the workplace is set to rapidly evolve too.

Whether you lead a team, or want to take the next step up, digitisation will affect you. In management or leadership of any kind, having the right skills will be vital for the digital era. Yet they aren’t necessarily the ones you might expect.

Are you ready for the digital era?

Today, more than 90% of employers expect digitisation to affect them. 75% of business leaders believe they will need brand-new skills. And, by 2020, up to 30% of industry revenues will come from new business models.

In today’s world, technology and the workplace are changing constantly. For individuals looking to get ahead, the ability and willingness to adapt to a digital environment is going to be the key.

Are you ready to lead?

The term ‘leadership’ is often thought of as the preserve of senior management. But the truth is: anyone can be a leader.

The characteristics of most successful leaders today are about being:

  • Adaptable: accepting of change, ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Motivated: and with the drive to be successful
  • Resilient: and being tenacious
  • Sharp: by being intellectually bright and ready to take the initiative
  • Learnability: a willingness to learn new things and upskill
  • Curiosity: the willingness to ask “why” and challenge how and why things are done.

Curiosity and learnability are going to be vital given the rapid emergence of new skills. Yet to become an effective in the digital age, leaders will need other traits too.

Traits like the ability to spot talent; encouraging learnability in others; accelerating performance and ‘daring to lead’.

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