Working to Change the World: Our commitment for the new reality

2020 has been one for the history books before it is even over. What started as a health crisis soon became an economic and social crisis profound enough to impact the world almost overnight. And while many of us are pleased to reach the end of this extraordinary year, it is also a good time for reflection, counting our blessings and celebrating our successes.

Today we publish our 2020 Social Impact Report – Working to Change the World: A Sustainable Future for Workers. It outlines the contributions we have made to addressing the challenges our stakeholders have faced this year, and our ongoing commitment to being part of the solution to reshape a brighter, better future for work and for workers.

This year’s events have served as a stark reminder of the importance and urgency with which we must address the inequities that exist across so many lines – income and colour, gender and age, politics and beliefs, geographies and skills. Lines that we as organisations span and for which we have a clear leadership and community responsibility. When our society is broken for some of us, ultimately it will be broken for all of us. So where we have the power, the influence, the tools and the opportunity to be a part of fixing this, we must stand together and we must act together.

At ManpowerGroup, we will always take seriously our responsibility and our commitment to reach, assess, train and upskill people of all communities because we know that work, education, skills and aspiration are critical parts of community cohesion, societal prosperity and inclusive growth.

As 2020 comes to a close, we’re proud to reaffirm our commitment to embrace this opportunity to reshape a brighter, better future for work and for workers – one that is more skilled, more diverse, and more wellbeing-orientated than we could ever have imagined.