What is learnability?

What is learnability?
This week, we’re kicking off Learnability Week. It’s a week that’s dedicated to helping workers understand and nurture their ability to learn, and helping organisations harness this as part of their workforce strategy.

Let’s start with the basics: what is learnability?

In today’s rapidly changing work, it’s not what people already know but how quickly they can learn that matters. These days, having the desire and ability to continually grow and adapt one’s skill set is essential, no matter what your job is. This allows individuals to become more employable for the long-term; and it allows organisations to ensure their workforce is equipped with skills it needs, no matter how much their requirements change in the years to come.

For business leaders, this means fostering a culture that encourages workers to upskill, reskill and adapt is critical. This is best achieved through a consistent, intentional commitment to continuous learning.

Take a look at this video to see what other business leaders think about the importance of learnability in their organisation:

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