The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate

Easy access to information has transformed the way individuals find jobs. Never before have candidates been so well informed about jobs and companies, so early on in the process.

Nowadays, before they hit ‘apply’, jobseekers want to visualise themselves in an organisation. They don’t just want a more detailed job description. Increasingly, company mission, corporate brand, culture and commitment to corporate social responsibility are becoming key deciding factors in making a move.

As a result, to secure the talent they need businesses to be upfront and open with candidates about what they can offer as an employer. Disclosing critical information about a role during the final interview won’t cut it anymore. Today’s jobseekers are looking for practical, emotional and interactive communications, which create positive and engaging candidate experience.

Information is power

It’s critical that employers align their attraction and recruitment processes to the preferences of the candidates they wish to attract. To find out information what matters most to jobseekers when looking for a new job, ManpowerGroup Solutions interviewed 14,000 individuals around the world about their job search preferences.

This report highlights the information today’s candidates look for in their job search. It also suggests new strategies to ensure employers effectively compete for in-demand talent in this new global marketplace.

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