The Webinars to Watch Now

From advice on how to prepare for upcoming legislative changes to in-depth conversations on workplace trends and hiring practices, our growing library of on-demand webinars will help answer pressing questions and prepare your workforce for the future.

Below are the webinars you can now access instantly, when it suits your schedule.

Finding the Right Balance: Candidates Preferences for Flexibility

To find, build and sustain the best talent while others are trying to do the same, companies need to know what workers want and shift their workforce demands to more closely match the needs and desires of in-demand talent. Jo Taylor, RPO Operations Director at ManpowerGroup, explains what is meant by ‘flexible working’ and the specific working policies that may have the biggest impact on recruitment and retention.

Diversity & Inclusion: Moving from Conversation to Action

Originally presented as part of the ‘Humans Wanted: Transforming the Future of Work’ ManpowerGroup conference, Salma El-Wardany’s 45-minute conversations examines how organisations can move forward from simply talking about diversity and inclusion, to driving real action.

Gender Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

This engaging conversation discusses gender equality and how promoting a diverse workplace is essential for economies and businesses to thrive. The discussion explores the progress we’ve seen across the broader UK market and how individuals can make a difference in their organisation today.

How Automation Will Change Your Organisation

Jill Bassett, Director at ManpowerGroup, leads this on-demand session focused on breaking down the impact of automation on job growth over the next two years and strategies you should consider to ensure a future-fit workforce. She offers insight into how companies are currently viewing automation and its real-life impact on their workforce decisions.

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