Webinar: Supporting neurodiverse talent into the workforce

Employers in the UK have ambitious plans to increase their headcount at a record rate as they enter the fourth and final quarter of 2021, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. However, the UK is also suffering from a serious skills shortage as employers look to fill roles from a shrinking candidate pool. 77% of employers cannot find the skills they need. This figure is a 15-year-high, and has doubled in 2 years.

It’s important that organisations are inclusive to all talent pools, including neurodiverse talent, at all times and especially in a competitive climate.

Neurodiverse individuals often have strengths which are overlooked by organisations. These strengths can include logical thinking and problem-solving, an attention to detail and an ability to see patterns that are not so obvious to others. Other soft skills such as being able to visualise new and original concepts or exploring ideas in an energetic way are common in neurodiverse individuals.

Can businesses benefit from highly skilled individuals with the abilities to drive positive change within their organisations? Our panel of experts discuss the importance of attracting the neurodiverse talent pool to bridge those gaps in talent. In this webinar they also discuss;

  • How you can remove the barriers neurodiverse talent face in accessing the workforce
  • Strengthening equality and inclusion during the hiring process and beyond
  • Demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion internally and externally

Click on the link below to watch the webinar on demand.