Video: how we’re creating sustainable employment

Nowadays, employability isn’t just determined by what you already know. How well you learn, apply and adapt is equally important. After all, individuals aren’t looking for a ‘job for life’ anymore. Instead, they focus on developing their overall skills, experience and expertise. Doing so will enable them to remain employable throughout their entire career.

Striving for more sustainable employment

Our Sustainability Plan is our commitment to help. It outlines how we’re creating meaningful, sustainable employment in all four corners of the world. Three pillars underpin it:

  1. Ready For Work: ensuring young people are work ready when they leave education
  2. Skilling Up: helping people nurture learnability throughout their career journey
  3. Integrating and Including: enabling all people to participate in the workplace and achieve their potential

To achieve this, we partner with clients, NGOs and governments. Together, we help people become, and stay, employable throughout their entire career.

We believe meaningful and sustainable employment has the power to change the world. Watch the below video to find out more about the ManpowerGroup Sustainability Plan:

For more information, read our full 2016 Sustainability Report.