Video: Are you ready to take risks and fail fast?

From C-Suite to the Digital Suite: How to Lead through Digital Transformation
Becoming a digital-first organisation is about so much more than just investing in new technology. It’s about shifting the culture and mindset of the organisation. It’s about challenging the norm and changing the very fundamentals of how the business operates. And it’s about blending human strengths with digital know-how, to futureproof both individuals and organisations alike.

Business transformation isn’t easy, nor is it straightforward. Change has to start at the top, and leaders need to lead differently than they ever have before. With real entrepreneurial spirit, leaders must foster innovation, manage courageous decisions, and be open to change. Most of all, they need to take calculated risks, knowing that they may not always succeed. Failure is a possibility, but success will never happen unless you take the leap regardless.

Earlier this year, Jonas Prising (ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO) and tech entrepreneur discussed the importance of leaders taking risks at the Fireside Challenge that we hosted at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. Take a look at a few of the highlights:

During any period of transformation, effective leadership can be the difference between success and failure. Organizations at every stage of the transformation journey will need to identify, nurture and develop their existing and future leaders to amplify what’s humanly possible in a digital world.

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