Video: Davos 2018 Fireside Challenge

Navigating the Skills Revolution To Shape A Brighter Digital Future

Change can cause friction. It can impact decisions, hamper progress and disengage people in the workplace. During any period of change, leaders must drive the right behaviours and lead from the front. And with technology continuing to transform the world of work, this has never been more important than it is right now.

Businesses are at different stages on their digital journey. Some are determining strategic importance; others are working out who should be in charge of digital change; and some are just firing up to follow the crowd. No matter where companies are on their transformation journey, the path ahead is clear: organisations must be more agile than ever before and they need deliver in the short-term, while adapting for the long-term.

Against this backdrop, at the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Annual Meeting, ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising and tech entrepreneur challenged traditional ideas of effective leadership and explored what is required to lead through digital workforce transformation. Take a look at the below YouTube video to watch the full panel.

In the digital age, leaders must encourage a culture of measured innovation and experimentation within clear parameters. They must learn fast, break down silos and champion seamless collaboration.

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