Video: Curious about your learnability?

Your boss probably doesn’t expect to replace you with a machine any time soon. Nonetheless, the prospect of technology dramatically changing the make-up of the future workforce is certainly a hot topic.

Nowadays, the newspapers are full of reports speculating on how technology will evolve in the coming years. Undoubtedly, businesses and workforces will be transformed in order to harness the new opportunities technology presents.

As a result, individuals’ who are in-demand right now may find that their skills don’t hold the same value in five or ten years’ time. Many skills have an expiry date. Consequently, the defining challenge of our time is enabling people to upskill and adapt to this rapidly changing world of work.

Building learning mindsets

At ManpowerGroup, we call this ‘learnability’ – the desire and ability to continue to learn, so that you can remain employable for the long term. Building a ‘learning mindset’ will allow individuals to remain highly employable throughout their working life, no matter what the future holds.

It’s critical that business leaders support this, and nurture the learnability of their workforce. Going forward, it will be more important to teach individual how to learn, rather than teaching them specific skills. Watch this video to find out more about learnability, and what employers can do to support their workforce:

Benchmark Your Learnability

As organisations seek to invest and develop their employees, our new Learnability Quotient™ can assist. This short test provides guidance on how to enable performance and make better decisions on how to motivate the workforce. It represents a new way for users to assess their learning styles and receive recommendations  to aid future learning.

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