Video: How Automation Will Impact Your Workforce

How Automation Will Impact Your Workforce

Technology is altering the ways in which organisations operate. Automation has enabled a shift of tasks from humans to robots and has changed the skills companies require from employees. But is it true that robot workers are replacing human jobs?

While technological advancements threaten to create a world without work, the ‘human versus machines’ dichotomy is misleading. In fact, the technological revolution represents a catalyst for change, with the human workforce being required to perform new and complementary roles to those done by machines. To exemplify this, our research found that 87% of employers plan to increase or maintain headcount because of automation for the third consecutive year. As such, organisations and employees must not fear technology, but understand the opportunities that it may bring to the future of work.

In this video, Jo Taylor – Client Services Director of ManpowerGroup Solutions – talks about the impact that digitalisation will have on the work of today and the future. She explores ManpowerGroup’s ‘build, buy, borrow, bridge’ strategy that enables organisations to secure the skills they need. While the future of work is uncertain, adopting dynamic talent strategies that develop skills that are core to the business is how companies will promote future organizational agility and workforce resilience.

To learn more about how automation is affecting global businesses, we invite you to view our latest Skills Revolution report. We examined data from 19,000 employers in 44 countries to investigate the impact of automation on jobs; the skills revolution that arises as a result; and winning strategies to secure these in-demand capabilities. Download the report today to learn more about how individuals can collaborate with machines to create a stronger, better society.