Traditional leadership models have failed – Infographic

Traditional Leadership Models Have Failed

Traditional leadership models have failed. Most were developed for more stable business times. But nowadays, the world of work is changing at a pace and scale never seen before. Businesses need to become more agile. To do that, they need a new set of criteria to identify and prepare leaders.

This infographic shows the extent to which traditional leadership models have failed. It also shows the knock-on effect that’s having on business.  Click here to view the infographic as a PDF.

Traditional Leadership Models Have Failed

New leadership models are required

The challenges facing businesses today demand increased agility. As a result, businesses need a new way to identify and prepare leaders for future challenges, risks and opportunities.

So Right Management launched the P3 Leader Model. This stands for People, Purpose, and Performance. We believe these are the elements that organisations need to drive leader effectiveness in today’s world of work.

The model provides a systematic way for organisations to build strong leadership pipelines. It helps them identify talent with the greatest potential for success. It also means they can manage performance, by measuring and rewarding relevant outcomes.

We relentlessly refined our model to arrive at a highly focused set of components. This enables organisations to realise greatest business impact with a realistic investment of resources. We have distilled and simplified what leaders need to focus on to be effective.