Total Workforce Index 2018

Total Workforce Index 2019

Technology has opened up fresh ways of working and getting work done. This means companies have more options than ever before when choosing where and how to build their workforce. Yet, overwhelming workforce data, changing talent requirements and shifting legal frameworks add layers of complexity to decision-making. Companies need greater market transparency, in order to be able to make better and faster choices about where to locate their workforces.

That’s where the Total Workforce Index can help. Drawing on a global analysis of more than 90 data points, the Total Workforce Index evaluates skills availability, cost efficiency, regulation and workforce productivity of permanent and contingent workers across 75 countries. The result is a comprehensive report ranking countries where skills, productivity and labour laws make it most favourable to do business.

Total Workforce Index 2019

The tool can answer questions like “How will shifting regulation and changing wages in a specific location impact our business?” and “Where can I find workers with the skills my organisation needs as technology advances?” It also offers specificity: “Where should we put our next office?”, “What should our workforce mix be in this country?” and “Where is the right location in my market
to offer flexible work schedules?”

Through real-time, robust data and tested insight, the Total Workforce Index™ turns complexity into opportunity. It enables businesses to execute a precise talent strategy that’s aligned to their unique needs, and most importantly, the needs of talent. Complete the below form to download your copy today.