The skills to build in a post-Brexit world

Within recent years, significant historical events have shaken up the recruitment industry, enabling some industries to prosper and impacting the skills organisations most need in their workforce. Drawing on insights from employers we work with and our knowledge of industry trends, we’re sharing how candidates can stand out from the competition in today’s world of work.

Uncertainty creates the potential for impactful change

Significant events like the Brexit referendum, Black Lives Matter movement and Covid-19 pandemic have culminated together to create uncertainty and instability for organisations. But when the future looks less predictable, employees have an opportunity to shine. A willingness to embrace existing and new challenges with a positive and proactive attitude will be welcomed by employers.

Now’s the time to use innovative thinking and come up with solutions that will have a long-lasting impact on organisations.

The importance of soft skills thanks to the roll-out of AI and automation

The World Economic Forum reported that by 2025, humans and machines will split work-related tasks 50:50, so human skills have become even more valuable to employers. Candidates will stand out from the competition if they can demonstrate their adaptability to new environments, projects and problems.

Plus, now that many organisations are working remotely, demand for collaboration skills has spiked. Employees need to work effectively within their own team and cross-functionally, collaborating with multiple stakeholders to deliver the best solution.

Strong communication skills are also in high demand – candidates who can communicate their message in the most effective way for that audience, and across a range of mediums, will go far.

Seek out thriving industries that offer plenty of job opportunities

Getting goods to consumers at the right time has never been more important as online retail soars and customer expectations evolve – people expect to have access to things more conveniently and faster than ever before. The impact of Brexit plays a part here too, as increased paperwork and checks at UK borders creates more work to move goods into and out of the country.

The combination of these factors means that the logistics and supply chain industry is one that’s thriving as a result of changing market forces and consumer behaviour. Demand for goods drivers has shot up and given that there’s a shortage of skilled and available drivers, there’s a brilliant opportunity for candidates to break into this market and make a difference to the overall customer experience.

Our Driver Academy programme equips students with the necessary training, certification and employment support to help candidates launch a successful career as an LGV driver. It’s one of the ways we’re connecting talented professionals with organisations to build a bright future at work.

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