The impact of a Total Talent Management approach

The impact of a Total Talent Management approach
Labour market tension, increasing talent mismatch, and technological disruptions are creating new challenges and opportunities for organisations. This reconfigured labour market requires a new approach to talent. Added to this, skilled talent is increasingly looking for flexible ways of working; the gig economy is gathering pace; and portfolio careers are on the rise.

As a result, progressive organisations are recognising the need to break down the barriers between their permanent and non-permanent workforces. Future workforce strategies will call for enterprise-wide implementation, regardless of what type of contract workers hold. A new mindset of Total Talent Management is emerging, where employers recognise that harnessing a fully blended workforce enhances their competitive edge.

In its absolute form, the entire workforce is united in a fully comprehensive talent management programme. But on the journey to this target state, adopting a more holistic approach to the workforce can be undertaken with different levels of sophistication; to enhance efficiency, boost productivity and yield cost benefits.

A blended working population

By taking a more extensive view of their workforce and embracing a truly blended working population, companies can exercise more flexibility and adapt more easily to alternative ways of working to secure the talent they need. Employers can focus on attracting, engaging and retaining the right person with the right skills, regardless of how they need to be employed.

At ManpowerGroup Solutions, we are proud to be taking a number of organisations on their journey towards Total Talent Management. We’re augmenting their approach to talent, and helping them to achieve an inclusive approach to how they structure and manage their workforce.

To do this, we’ve developed a strategic model for evaluating all talent engagement sources, including direct employee, contingent labour, and contracted services. It provides a configurable decision strategy that helps organisations to determine the optimal talent engagement channel for a worker.

Our process starts with a landscape overview of existing talent management processes. By combining detailed insights and defined processes, we formulate a strategy that aligns our client’s workforce with long-term company goals and short-term key initiatives. This will bridge the gap between current-state realities and future-state requirements, and will identify organisational changes that will start their Total Talent journey.

From there, we work with clients to map out their short- and long-term journeys towards complete Total Talent Management.

For more information on Total Talent Management and the benefits this approach could realise for your organisation, please contact our Workforce Solutions Director: [email protected].

This article first appeared in the sixth edition of The Human Age newspaper.