Test your Learnability

Test your Learnability
As new skill requirements emerge and grow in demand, it’s inevitable that others will become extinct. Consequently, there’s a growing awareness that individuals who seek learning opportunities will be more employable in the long-term. Nowadays, an individual’s ability to adapt to change and own their career determines professional success.

At ManpowerGroup, we call this ‘Learnability’ – the desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt one’s skill set to remain employable throughout their working life.

What’s Learnability?

Learnability is less about what you already know, and more about your capacity to learn. It’s about recognising that you’ll face new challenges throughout your working life, so it’s critical that you grow your skill set and adapt to new circumstances. In short, it’s a way for workers to “future proof” themselves – no matter who their employer may be and what their future work life holds.

Understanding and nurturing your Learnability creates opportunities to boost your career success. So, ManpowerGroup developed the Learnability Quotient to assist.

This short quiz allows you to assess your learning style, and provides resources to help you improve your learnability. Or, for employers trying to develop a workforce with the right skillsets, the Learnability Quotient can assist too. It will guide you on how to enable workforce performance and make better decisions on how to motivate your workforce.


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