Tech cities in UK are closing in on the Capital

The UK’s digital industry continues to boom as a result of continuous advancements in technology. Whilst London has always been the hotspot for many sought-after tech jobs, this past year we’ve seen other areas of the country experiencing rapid growth, with a 23% annual uplift in hiring demand outside of the Capital.

The recent Experis Tech Cities Job Watch report reveals how the digital landscape outside of the Capital continues to grow from strength to strength as businesses try to attract the best talent – and judging on the performance over the past year, we’re likely to see the numbers continue to increase.

The Capital is still at the forefront of the tech industry, offering the most jobs and highest salaries, yet other cities are growing at a faster rate than London. We’re seeing most growth in the north, with tech hubs like Manchester and Leeds in particular having established themselves as attractive alternatives. This comes as no surprise, given the tech history that’s been part of these cities and the recent influx of digital start-ups. But what has been causing this shift towards cities outside of the Capital?

Companies looking to secure talent everywhere

With housing, travel and lifestyle costs continuing to soar in London, people are increasingly growing tired of the rat race lifestyle, which is likely to be one of the reasons other tech cities are on the rise. That is also why an increasing number of London-based companies are establishing themselves outside of the Capital to ensure they don’t miss out on hiring the right talent, particularly those who aren’t attracted to the London life.

We’re also seeing further investments in the infrastructure of rail and road, such as the Northern Hub plans. This will further improve connections between towns and cities, helping companies engage talent pools from further afield. Commuters will also be getting faster, more regular and better connections, for which we’re expecting to see more opportunities moving north.

So is it a good thing that tech cities across the UK are closing in on the Capital? In our opinion, yes – each of the tech hubs offer their own set of diverse opportunities for all types of businesses and IT professionals. We’re certainly seeing big potential but there’s still room for growth. Although many cities have a well-invested infrastructure, low cost of housing and ease of travel, we may still find people being reluctant to be based further north. But as these cities are growing increasingly attractive, we’re expecting the gap to narrowing down further and at a faster rate.

Read more in Experis’ Tech Cities Job Watch Q1 2016 report.

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