Supporting Employee Mental Health as We Return to Work

Covid-19 has significantly changed the way we do business and as companies begin to reopen offices, the virus’s impact will remain felt.

ManpowerGroup’s Senior HR Business Partner, Leanne Winter, recently led a 30-minute conversation on how companies can prioritise the mental health of employees as they create a plan forward, which can now be viewed on-demand.

We do not know exactly what long term impact the lockdown and ongoing restrictions such as social distancing and self-isolation could have on the mental health of employees, but it is critical that your teams feel supported and safe as they transition back to offices or new shift patterns.

Key insights you’ll gain in the session include:

  • Advice on how to have conversations remotely to ensure mental health issues are identified and addressed
  • The steps ManpowerGroup is taking to support staff as our offices reopen
  • Common concerns related to returning to work that managers should be aware of
  • Actions each of us can take to look after ourselves during this transition period

Additional mental health support resources you may find useful: