The spike in customer service job opportunities

Over the last 10 years, the British high street has drastically transformed. We’ve seen physical branches close down and operations move online, from nationwide banks to big‑name retailers. Meanwhile, there’s been a steady rise in digital‑only businesses, offering customers all kinds of solutions without them needing to leave their homes. In this crowded marketplace, businesses know the strength of having a reliable and quality customer service team, to help establish their reputation as a brand of choice. And that means a huge rise in the number of customer service jobs available for the taking.

It’s all about convenience

Once upon a time we would visit a florist to hand-pick flowers for a special occasion, take a trip to our local Blockbuster to browse the DVD selection, and scour the supermarket shelves for fresh ingredients. But today, developments in technology and our growing dependence on convenience has seen all of these products shift to an online model, with most things available to us in just a few clicks.

This transition has also contributed to the spike in demand for customer service professionals. Businesses with a growing online presence are dependent on employees who are comfortable responding to customers across different channels, oftentimes managing high volumes of queries, and ensuring that no problem is too big to handle. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that the customer has a consistently positive experience with that brand.

The power of customer retention

If you’ve ever made a one-off donation to a charitable cause, you’ll recall that the charity probably contacted you at some point down the road to ask for another contribution. The reason for this is that you’re statistically far more likely to make a repeat donation, compared to someone who’s not already engaged with their cause.

Similarly, data shows that keeping hold of happy customers is significantly cheaper than acquiring new ones. This means that businesses are gearing their budgets towards retention activities, by generating sales through their existing customers. One way of effectively doing this is by regularly keeping in touch with customers and offering them something of value. For example, a company might email out an exclusive discount code to those who have made one purchase before, to encourage additional spending. All of this creates a need for individuals in customer retention roles, to come up with creative ideas that a customer will love and then communicate these with the audience; helping a business to achieve its revenue goals.

Customer service: the new shop window

Customer service can be compared to a brand’s shop window, even if that business only operates online. It’s a representation of how the company values its customers and how it wants to be understood by the marketplace. Good customer service can help a company to develop a trusted reputation, prompting existing customers to share their positive experience with others and in turn generate increased sales. On the other hand, poor customer service is so destructive it can destroy a brand’s reputation in a matter of hours, if customers post negative reviews online or share their bad experience on social media.

In an increasingly competitive world, businesses know the strength of having a quality customer service team. A customer service professional with excellent communication skills can make a real difference to a customer’s day, by providing a personal touch and dealing with their query or problem efficiently. It’s simple interactions like these that can reinforce a customer’s sense of brand loyalty, ultimately leading to greater long-term success for a business.

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