The Skills Revolution

The Skills Revolution
Rarely a day goes by without news of digitisation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality impacting the workforce. Plenty of predictions have been made about the future: more jobs, different jobs, less jobs, even no jobs.

No one knows for sure what the outcome will be. Nonetheless, one thing is clear: we’re seeing the emergence of a Skills Revolution, where helping people to upskill and adapt to a fast-changing world of work will be the defining challenge of our time.

Organisations need to take immediate action and fast track the upskilling and reskilling of workers, to ensure they have the skills they need for the future. After all, while we cannot slow the rate of technological advances, we can invest in employees’ skills to increase the resilience of people and organisations.

The Skills Revolution: Why People Matter

To understand more about this emerging Skills Revolution, we interviewed 18,000 employers in 43 countries. We asked them how they think automation will affect their headcount; which functions they think will be most affected; and the strategies they’re adopting to ensure they have the skills they need for the future.

Our research found that the Skills Revolution requires new mindsets. This is the case for both employers trying to develop a workforce with the right skill sets; and for individuals seeking to advance their careers. Now’s the time for leaders and individuals to be responsible and responsive.

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