Shaping the conversation around critical global challenges

As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF) for 12 years, ManpowerGroup is one of 100 leading international companies that drive the Forum’s activities and work around the world.

Through participation in worldwide, regional, industry and national strategy meetings, ManpowerGroup’s senior leaders represent the issues facing our clients around the world, share their expertise and help shape the conversation to make a measurable difference to critical global challenges.

A flagship event, the WEF’s Annual Meeting, brings together 2,500 of the world’s top business, government and academic leaders to discuss the most pressing global issues.

The theme of the 2016 Annual Meeting held in Davos Klosters, Switzerland, was ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Conversation was focused around the transformation of systems of production, distribution and consumption of the now normal era of certain uncertainty.

ManpowerGroup’s CEO Jonas Prising, led a delegation of senior ManpowerGroup executives who shared insights on women and leadership, and advanced the conversation around global labour markets and the changing world of work.

In addition to contributing to Forum meetings, ManpowerGroup executives are involved year-round in the Forum’s Global Challenges and Global Agenda Councils (GAC) – the world’s foremost network of thought leaders.

Over the past year, ManpowerGroup leaders were instrumental in advancing the work of the Future of Jobs and Gender councils, both by sharing their expertise and by securing industry participation in a first-of-its-kind survey which formed the basis for the Future of Jobs and Industry Gender Reports.

As a member of the Advisory Board on the Global Challenge of Gender, CEO Jonas Prising is helping to direct the work of the multi-stakeholder community that is the primary driver of the Forum’s work to advance gender parity. ManpowerGroup’s corporate contribution is multiplied by Mara Swan, who serves as Co-chair of the Global Agenda Council on Gender Parity, and is focused on increasing female participation in the labour market.

Commenting on this issue at the WEF, Jonas Prising said: “We must go to more pragmatic solutions and be very deliberate in our efforts to make the gender parity change.” Mara Swan also noted: “For there to be more female leaders at the helm of companies, we need to make sure we have more women in technical roles, business roles and P&L roles.”

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