Saying yes to Kickstart: the challenges and solutions to employing young people in Contact Centres

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit young people’s employment prospects especially hard.  With youth unemployment now topping 14%, there’s a real risk of long-term scarring on job prospects for young people. In response to this, the Kickstart scheme presents a way forward – for Contact Centre employers to identify the future talent for their organisation, at the same time as having a positive impact.

Within the Contact Centre industry, the Kickstart scheme can be a welcome solution to build a new talent pool to reinvigorate hiring within the sector. But many employers still have questions on how they can make the scheme a success for their business, with questions covering everything from how to make the initial application, to the best way to onboard young people at a time when we’re still subject to social distancing restrictions.

Brook Street partnered with The Prince’s Trust to host a webinar on the Kickstart scheme and were joined by Susie Cuthill, Head of Business Development for The Prince’s Trust, Geraint Williams, Kickstart Operations and Engagement Lead for the Department for Work and Pensions, Victoria Whittle, Head of Jobs and Training for Clarion Futures, Marisol Milsom, Head of Socially Responsible Sourcing for Capita and Trevor Butterworth, CEO and Founder of the UK Contact Centre Forum to discuss:

  • The obstacles to getting started with Kickstart and how employers can overcome them
  • How to structure a programme within your business and ensure buy-in
  • Why building a programme around a young person is key
  • How to effectively engage young people
  • The importance of providing the right employability support