Small World, Big Differences

As organisations expand, relocate or seek new efficiencies, many look to Managed Service Programmes (MSPs) to help address their workforce needs across different regions.

Yet, while the number of companies who are interested in globalising their MSP programmes has dramatically increased in recent years, many organisations have struggled to implement and operate in multiple geographies. All too often, changing demographics, regulations, economics and geopolitical environments significantly impact the successful deployment of a globalised MSP.

Implementing globalised MSPs

It goes without saying that each country has its own unique combination of labour market characteristics. And, just as companies need agile solutions that are well-suited to their corporate cultures, MSP solutions must also adapt to the unique dynamics of the country they’re operating in. It’s critical that both MSP providers and their customers understand how changing legal, economic and technological requirements may impact MSP implementation and expected returns, and adapt their approach to deployment accordingly.

Our new whitepaper provides a snapshot of the major dynamics at play in the Asia-Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), North America and Latin America regions. It looks at how these dynamics may influence global contingent workforce management, and provides insights, case studies and best practice for organisations looking to expand their MSP into these countries.

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