Are you ready for the job market in 2021?

With last year behind us, it’s important that you understand how to approach the job market in the most effective way. 2020 really was a topsy-turvy year than none of us could’ve predicted. And for those of us looking to make our next career move, 2021 holds some promise but also uncertainty and possible trepidation.

Covid-19 has lasted far longer than the average person imagined, and when exactly things will return to normal is somewhat of an unknown quantity. What we do know is that Covid-19 has had an inevitable impact on the job market and has affected industries differently. Hospitality and tourism have obviously been impacted significantly whereas other industries have perhaps been affected to a lesser extent.

Industries where remote work can be undertaken through Zoom and other technologies have been able to adapt to the lockdown conditions more easily. And for candidates looking for jobs in 2021, a realistic assessment of circumstances and thinking nimbly about how to proceed is important.

Assess Market Conditions

Do your research. Get up to speed on what is happening in your industry sector. Are there parallel or associated sectors that are less impacted by the changes going on? It’s difficult to predict when industries are likely to recover, but research helps ensure that you’re at least up to date with the latest developments in the industry. This can put you in a good position to build a strategy to counter any potential negatives in market conditions.

Adopt a Flexible Plan

Keep your plan flexible and consider alternative options, perhaps more than you might have in the past. Consider whether you can position yourself in an associated or another industry sector that requires your skills. Test your assumptions and ask ‘what if’ questions.

What would you do if your industry sector was unlikely to recover in the foreseeable future? Would you be willing to consider short term assignments, contract work or perhaps even further study to make yourself marketable and current?

Remain Positive and Motivated

Positivity builds momentum and momentum in turn builds success. As is often stated, looking for a job is a full-time job in itself, and you need enough energy to persevere with your job plan. Keep your motivation levels high and remain focused and upbeat when market conditions tighten.

Review your weekly action plan and amend your approach where needed. Even a small amount of progress each day can help move you towards your goals instead of remaining static. Also, spend your time connecting with those who have a positive mind-set as this can help you retain a positive outlook yourself.

Make Use of the Resources Available to You

If you’re facing challenges and obstacles, perhaps it’s time to reconnect or talk to your coach. When did you last speak to them? RightEverywhere has many useful resources including job databases that can speed up the process and help you find opportunities. Always check and remind yourself about what’s available to you on your programme.

There might be aspects of your plan that you’ve neglected and overlooked that could be given more attention. For example, have you updated your LinkedIn profile? Keep your eye on Right Management updates regarding resources and latest initiatives available to you.


It’s the start of a new year. Fortunately, vaccines bring us hope that the job market is likely to improve, although exactly when is still uncertain. So now it’s time to move forward with greater purpose. Take control of your future in 2021 – you owe it to yourself.