Proservia launches in the UK

At ManpowerGroup Solutions, our dedicated end user services and field engineering division has improved the productivity, flexibility and business results of countless organisations across the UK.

We’re now pleased to extend and further strengthen this offering, by transitioning the end user services and infrastructure management area of our business into a new brand, with strong heritage and extensive European reach – Proservia.

Introducing Proservia

In today’s world of work, long-term business growth relies on the ability to react quickly, innovate, and meet the changing requirements of your clients.

Proservia has been helping organisations to do just that for more than two decades – by designing effective IT infrastructure, completing transformation projects, managing day-to-day IT requirements, and much more.

Founded in France in 1994 and acquired by ManpowerGroup Solutions in 2012, every year Proservia handles over 12 million phone calls from end-users and manages more than two million field support tickets on behalf of clients in 12 countries across Europe.

A range of services

As part of the Proservia team, we’ll be focused on delivering a seamless experience for your users, every single time. Our suite of capabilities includes:

  1. Architecture and Transformation
    Designing robust, agile and resilient IT infrastructures that evolve and future-proof your IT systems in line with your goals, at no point impacting on your organisational productivity or user satisfaction.
  2. Outsourcing
    Managing your day-to-day IT system requirements, delivering effective support to your users, and fixing issues whenever they arise, whilst providing full transparency over our delivery, so you can capitalise on opportunities from day one.
  3. Field Engineering
    Servicing and repairing hardware and software, including field delivery, installation, maintenance and technical support, with seamless project management and scheduling capabilities

Whether you’re looking to outsource one element of your IT function or the entire department, we invite you to visit our ManpowerGroup Solutions website today to learn more about End User Services from Proservia.