Preparing for the Apprenticeship Levy

Unlocking the potential of the Apprenticeship Levy
Research from ManpowerGroup shows that two thirds of employers knew little or nothing about the Apprenticeship Levy coming into effect from 6th April 2017. We also looked into employer preparedness for the changes and how the introduction of the new system will impact hiring and found that:

  • Just half (51%) of the large companies surveyed expect to pay the levy
  • Of those who believe their organisations will need to contribute to the levy, 27% say they’re very prepared, with a further 56% saying they’re somewhat prepared
  • 37% of employers who expect to pay the levy believe the number of new apprenticeship hires will increase

Read the white paper for the full results from the research and our advice on how to prepare for the introduction of the new apprenticeship system.

About the levy

All employers operating in the UK with an annual pay bill over £3 million will be required to pay the new Apprenticeship Levy. There will also be changes in the way the government funds apprenticeships in England, which will affect all English employers, regardless of size.

Coupled with some other reforms and changes to the qualifications available, the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy is the most fundamental overhaul of the apprenticeship system to date, designed to help deliver three million new apprenticeship starts by 2020. Employers will be encouraged to use the levy to develop the skills of their workforce so that they can more successfully grow their businesses, become more competitive and increase their productivity.